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What’s the difference between Fiber Optics (2-1,000 Mbps), Ethernet, Coax Cable and EoC?

Fiber Optic (2-1000 Mbps) capacity typically goes up to 1000 Mbps or more.   Fiber is dedicated, not shared, and has symmetrical (same) speeds for downloading and uploading. Mbps stands for megabytes per second. 

Ethernet is a dedicated service that is symmetrical for download and upload speeds.

Coax Cable is a shared service and is asymmetrical which means download and upload speeds are not the same. For example 10M X 2M is 10 mebabytes download and 2 megabytes upload. Download and Upload speeds vary. Download speed is listed first and typically faster than upload speeds.

EoC is Ethernet over Copper. Meaning you have significantly higher band width capabilities up to 250 Mbps. This may or may not be available depending on your geographic location. You need to contact ITC to find out if EoC is available. Ethernet over Fiber is also available in certain locations.

How do I switch to ITC from my existing broadband provider?

You don’t. ITC is an independent telecom broker/consultant company with relationships with 100+ service providers.

For example if you decided to change from AT&T to Time Warner Cable. ITC can help you find the best service provider that fits your specific needs then the carrier or service provider will bill you directly. You do not pay ITC for any of our services. In this example, Time Warner Cable directly handles your billing, customer service, and support.

How long does it take to switch to service providers or carriers?

30 to 120 days depending on the type of service requested.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Yes all phone numbers stay the same when you change to another service provider.

Can I have a new phone number?

Yes, we can order you a new phone number or numbers at any time.

How does this process work?

You can contact ITC or the service provider directly.

ITC can be reached at 913-645-9820 or email [email protected]

Is there a fee I have to pay to work with ITC? How does ITC get compensated?

No, there is never a fee for ITC services. We provide a complimentary evaluation of your telecom needs and find the best solutions to meet these needs. The service providers pay a commission to ITC for bringing them a new client.

Why should I work with ITC?

ITC represents and has direct relationships with over 100 service providers. This provides you with a one stop shop for telecom services and more importantly an unbiased view point of which service provider would be best for you. We work for the customer not for the carriers.

ITC can provide multiple service provider quotes. We do all the leg work, saving you time and money. With 20 years of experience, we know what services are available at your location…copper, coax cable, Ethernet, or fiber for voice and data. The goal at ITC is to build a long term trusting relationship with our customers, always making sure your telecom needs met. And you can be assured that we will keep you informed of new products and best lowest pricing available over the long haul.

What is all this cloud stuff about and how does it help my business?

Many companies are electing to utilize the internet cloud for many purposes. It’s a good idea to keep your critical company data and client database records in an off-site secure location ‘when’ the unexpected happens at your workplace. The Cloud is essentially infrastructure like Servers, Storage, Phone Switches or Applications like Email, Internet security or Disaster Recovery in a managed environment which is housed in a secure data center or multiple data centers.  The infrastructure or applications are then accessed through the internet or a secure data connection.  The benefits include cost savings because you don’t have to buy equipment, software updates or pay staff to manage it.  You can also access your important data from virtually anywhere through any device. This provides security because all your services are no longer susceptible to fire, earthquake or power outage and vastly improved efficiencies. You can also give up worrying about how to increase or decrease your communication services as your company changes because you will experience complete flexibility and can scale up or down at any time quickly and easily. Let us talk to you to help you learn exactly what cloud can do for your business.

Is there a advantage to using ITC vs a direct sales rep from a communications service provider?

Yes, the advantage is an unbiased expert view point from a telecom consultant representing over 100 service providers. Compared to the direst sales rep who can only represent one service provider, which makes their view point biased. The goal at ITC is to build a long term trusting relationship with our clients, to last many years. The typical account executive has monthly quotas, so once the sale is made their work is done and they are on to the next customer. ITC is here for the long haul for you the customer. We don’t have monthly sales quotas.

How will we be billed?

You will be billed by the service provider you choose.

How will we pay? (Who will we pay?)

You pay the service provider directly each month.

Will we be on a contract with ITC?

NO there is no contract with ITC. However all service providers do have service agreements.

Who do I contact when I have a question / feedback about a service related issue?

For service impacting or billing issues contact your current service provider. You can contact ITC if you have a question about which services and products are available from your current service provider as well as any other service provider.

How do I request assistance from Customer Support or submit a trouble ticket?

You contact the customer service department for the company providing your current service.