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About Innovative Telecom


Who Is ITCphone

For more than two decades, Innovative Telecom Consultants has been at the leading edge of customer service in telecommunications. We’ve spent years developing strong relationships with industry leaders so we can provide you, our customers, with telecom service agreements that meet your needs without breaking the bank. Our network of providers includes over 100 major carriers, and our established relationship with these carriers provides you with options unavailable to the general public.

What ITC Customers Receive

Value is a top priority for ITC. Since we don’t work directly for a single carrier, we have the freedom to work for you, our customers. We provide an unbiased review of each individual client’s needs, and then we present options tailored to meet those needs. Our apples-to-apples comparisons of available service options can save your company time and money. Let us do the shopping for you so you can focus on running your business.

Who We Serve

At ITC, we work for the customer, not the carrier. Our clients range from small businesses, both startups and established companies, to world-renowned organizations. Whether your telecommunications budget is $300 or over $10,000 each month, we have options to meet your needs. Most likely, we also have options that can save you money on phone and data services. In addition to helping you find the right service options, we’ll help you understand your bill—what you pay for and why. And we’ll help you identify the technologies that will benefit your business versus features that have little or no cost benefit.

How Much Can We Save You

Innovative Telecom Consultants works to save our clients money and resources. Industry experts say organizations should evaluate phone and data services annually in order to maintain optimum service and the most affordable rates. By turning to ITC, businesses throughout the Kansas City metro area and worldwide are cutting their telecommunication costs drastically. We’d love the opportunity to help you save money too.



 At ITC: “We work for the customer not the carriers”